Welcome to Domain of Darkness. These are the personal pages of pod. Feel free to poke around, don't break anything.  
June 6, 2001 
  Moved this site to a Linux box running Apache. Should unburden my Windows machine and allow me to screw it up at any time.  
March 30, 2001 
  Here we go, I decided to finally throw the switch! Which means I have to start working on this site again. It's not yet fully functional, everything is IE only (like it matters these days). Here is the old one in the meantime.  
August 29, 2000 
  My ISP finally booted me off their server because I've never (3 years) paid for my hosting with them (hey, they never asked :) The domain and server is now on my machine; if you see this page the DNS has already finished propagating and all is good. Now that I get to control everything I may be doing some interesting things, like mailboxes, redirects and subdomains (hosted and dns) and other stuff.

Email me about this if interested.

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