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IAM - L'Ecole du Micro D'Argent Artist: IAM Label: Delabel
Album: L'Ecole du Micro D'Argent Year: 1998

Ildfrost - Natanael Artist: Ildfrost Label: Cold Meat
Album: Natanael Year: 1997
Case: regular booklet digipak
Notes: limited edition, 3000

Ildfrost - You'll Never Sparkle in Hell Artist: Ildfrost Label: Fluttering Dragon
Album: You'll Never Sparkle in Hell Year: 2000

In Flames - Soundtrack to Your Escape Artist: In Flames Label: Nuclear Blast
Album: Soundtrack to Your Escape Year: 2004
Case: 3 panel digipak with booklet

In Flames - Whoracle Artist: In Flames Label: Nuclear Blast
Album: Whoracle Year: 1997

Inade - Aldebaran Artist: Inade Label: Cold Spring
Album: Aldebaran Year: 1996
Case: 3 panel digipak
Notes: limited edition, 1000

Inade - Burning Flesh Artist: Inade Label: Loki
Album: Burning Flesh Year: 2000
Case: regular digipak
Notes: limited edition, 500

Inade - The Crackling of the Anonymous Artist: Inade Label: Loki
Album: Crackling of the Anonymous, The Year: 2001
Case: 3 panel digipak

Inade - The Incarnation of the Solar Architects Artist: Inade Label: Loki
Album: Incarnation of the Solar Architects, The Year: 2012

Inanna - Day of Torment Artist: Inanna Label: Cold Spring
Album: Day of Torment Year: 2007

Infected Mushroom - IM the Supervisor Artist: Infected Mushroom Label: Yoyo
Album: IM the Supervisor Year: 2004

Inner Vision Laboratory - Future Chaos Artist: Inner Vision Laboratory Label: Zoharum
Album: Future Chaos Year: 2011
Case: postcard folder
Notes: limited edition, 97/444

Instincts - The Mystery Visions Artist: Instincts Label: Cyclic Law
Album: Mystery Visions, The Year: 2002
Case: oversized folder with sleeve
Notes: limited edition, 1000

Intravene - Floatation Toy Warning Artist: Intravene Label: Auf Abwegen
Album: Floatation Toy Warning Year: 1998
Notes: limited edition, 711

Invisible Empire - Chants Before the Last Battle Artist: Invisible Empire Label: Oktagon
Album: Chants Before the Last Battle Year: 1999
Case: oversized textured folder
Notes: limited edition, 192/600

Iron Halo Device - The Collapsing Void Artist: Iron Halo Device Label: Malignant
Album: Collapsing Void, The Year: 1996

[ Total: 16/1041 ] 

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