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  It is my goal to keep track here of sites I visit often or find useful for particular purposes.

Required Daily Reading 
  Stuff I read frequently, often daily or several times a day.

Rarely timely, tech-oriented news regurgitation & discussion site. However, some user comments are interesting and worth reading, and it's a great way to kill lots of time.
Articles supported by obvious 'insights' of various analysts, occasionally interesting and original. Another for the time filler category.
Interesting features can be frequently found in the Life, Politics, Sex, and Tech sections.

User Friendly
A daily comic strip for techies.
Required Weekly Reading 
  Stuff I read fairly frequently, more or less once a week.

Excellently done satire on current events.

Geek humour site. Not usually very funny, but some classics can be found here every so often.

Feed Magazine
Another site with stuff to read.
There are a lot of morons out there. Beware.

edA-qa's CD Collection
Check out Neil's latest additions to the European Collection (I'm currently hosting the Canadian Collection).

Fucked Company
Go laugh at some dot coms.

XXX Passwords
A weekly dose of free porn.
Required Monthly Reading 
  Stuff I get around to when I remember and have the time.

Various professional tips and tricks for game programming. Yeah, I like reading about things I'll never get to do (not for money anyways).

Tom's Hardware
Guides and reviews of new computer gadgets.

Sharky Extreme
I use this mostly to check out memory and CPU prices and the occasional game review.

Ars Technica
Very well researched and written technology reviews.

2600 Magazine
The Hacker Quarterly. Essential reading for any aspiring h4x0r.
Essential Media Links 
  Sites you should know about if you're into MP3s. Also assorted movie linkage.

Web interface to the CD database used by many CD players.

Less chaotic than CDDB and more suited for quick track list lookups.
Lots of amateur 'music', but real gems to be found if you look enough.

WinMX / eDonkey2000
Forget Napster.

My music player of choice.

Quintessential Player
My CD player of choice.

A LAME front-end, used for encoding MP3 files.

An MP3 ID tag creator that suits my purposes perfectly.

International Movie Database. If it's not here, they didn't make it.

Order some CDs from these guys.

And these guys too.

Game Copy World
Helps your games kick the nasty habit of verifying source media when played. It's just annoying and unnecessary.

You're a bad person. Bad!
Interesting Places 
  Interesting places to go visit, they don't change very often if at all.

Simon, AKA Bastard Operator From Hell
Classic hacker folklore, funny as hell.

Dark Side of the Web
Links to various 'dark' places for you to visit.

ASCII pr0n
Ah, do you remember?

Various pranks and amusing stories.

Just weird, ok?
A collection of some unpleasent materials.

Black Plague
This is really unpleasant and perverted. You have been warned.

Cult of Dead Cow
The archive site.
Technical Sources 
  When you need to know technical computer things.
Invaluable when dealing with technical people.

Jargon File

Index Dot
A first-rate HTML and CSS reference.

DHTML, HTML & CSS Reference
Say what you will about Microsoft, but they produce copious quantities of fairly decent reference material on their products. I mostly use this for the CSS attribute reference.

File Formats
A programmer's resource to identifying and working with all kinds of fun file formats software companies spew at us.
Reference Library 
  When you need to know things.

Search several reference sources at once.

The English Dictionary
Invaluable when dealing with snooty people.

Skeptic's Dictionary
Invaluable when dealing with idiots.

Fallacies in Arguments
It's always entertaining to make fun of people who are full of shit, like the ones above.

Urban Legends
Some more weaponry against idiocy.

City of Calgary
My local government web site.

Province of Alberta
My provincial government web site.

Government of Canada
My federal government web site.

Pinball Pasture
One of the fun things I used do once in a while.

The WWW Virtual Library
The starting point for one of the most useful collection of links. A global effort.
Friends' Pages 
  Coming soon.  

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