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This is from the fatefull 'Hidden Lake' hike. Read on for more on this. But look! That's Clinton chilling out before a daring jump down the 100 ft waterfall! Will he make it? Does a horrible death await at the bottom? Find out next week!

Pictured: Clinton
Size: 531x640 (173kb)

On our right was a really big rock, but we just decided to stay in the shade. It was hot that day. It's still before the fork we missed, so everyone is looking fresh and energetic.

Pictured: Neil, Colin, me, Clinton and Jeff
Size: 440x640 (100kb)

A look at a neighbouring mountain. This was one long hike. It was supposed to be very short (~45 mins) but we missed a turn off to the lake and kept going up. Our group split up, Neil and me went all the way to the top (well, as far as we could, you don't want to fall into a deep pile of snow), and met the others on our way down. We ran down of course, and made it in record time. And found the lake as well! What a day! Could this get any better?

Size: 640x430 (73kb)

I can't tell if those guys look wasted or just sweaty, so I won't say too much about it.

Pictured: Jeff, Csaba and Clinton
Size: 496x640 (90kb)

If you're still unsure, this IS the lake we were looking for. A nice, cool glacial lake. And it's not me swimming in it either, my brain was kept from being cooked by a hat, unlike Neil's. Much to the delight of an Australian couple walking by. Jeff thought this was so neat, he had to jump in too. But no picture of that; Neil's expression should be enough of a reminder.

Pictured: Neil
Size: 640x432 (99kb)

The whole gang takes a break for some food, after which we will head back to the car (about a 30 minute jog). Jeff is still recovering from his swim, and I can only assume Neil was ok by now, cause he isn't in the picture.

Pictured: Csaba, me, Jeff and Clinton
Size: 640x459 (127kb)

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