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One of Vlad's first hikes. This time around very few people went, and I wasn't there. Obviously I didn't take the pictures either. From these and the rest of the shots (as well as Vlad's condition / mentality) this looks to be a relaxing picturesque hike. Nice scenery!

Pictured: Clinton and Vlad
Size: 640x526 (177kb)

Hmm... doesn't this look familiar... Centennial Trail destination? Dunno, all mountains look the same to me, but let me tell you, that snow where two hills meet allows for a very fast way down.

Size: 497x640 (121kb)

The usual (and required) stream winding its way through the rocks and trees.

Size: 461x640 (128kb)

Somewhat bigger waterway. I can't wait for the summer to roll around again, this looks very refreshing.

Size: 424x640 (128kb)

Weird flat formation on the mountain top. Looks like a good target for one of those days we feel like scrambling.

Size: 445x640 (78kb)

Mysterious looking stream.

Size: 424x640 (148kb)

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