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Odds and ends from various hikes I can't identify, or small sets. Similar to 1997, set 2 collection. This particular one is from our first venture into the other side of Kananaskis, Elbow Valley (as opposed to Kananaskis Valley for the other hikes). At first the target was a cave (fairly high up), but that was accomplished too quickly, so we walked around the mountain as high as we could. Some pretty spectacular views, but I can't locate any other shots.

Pictured: Paul, Csaba and me
Size: 640x504 (125kb)

Colin sitting by the entrance to the cave. He eventually found a crevice and clibmed into it. What a mountain man!

Pictured: Colin
Size: 393x640 (99kb)

Taking a picture break before the incline. Looks to be from the same hike as the above.

Pictured: Csaba, Vlad, Paul, me and Colin
Size: 640x546 (195kb)

At Vlad's request, here are more pics with him in it. Don't wait for GQ to camp outside your door, Vlad.

Pictured: Vlad
Size: 461x640 (116kb)

This hike accidently brushed by the Centennial Trail, but got diverted to the neightbouring mountain instead. We kinda stopped climbing after the fog/clouds got to be too thick. And the descent courtesy of our friend, the snow. That's why we are wet.

Pictured: Csaba, me and Jeff
Size: 640x522 (124kb)

Neil and Clinton just had to butt in and request a retake.

Pictured: Clinton, Csaba, me, Jeff and Neil
Size: 640x491 (104kb)

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