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The first time we did the hidden lake hike we missed a turn off, and made it a bit further than needed. The lake was later found on the way down. We also decided that the last hike lead to something called the solitude area. There's a reason for that.

Size: 640x411 (98kb)

In any case, this time we got it right. No mistakes. But once we got to the lake, there were many people there, and the sense of accomplishement was rather diminished. So we kept going to the waterfall feeding the lake. Much better. Here's some scenery for you.

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Meet your new world leader. Note the benevolent little smile. The first step to world domination shall be propaganda.

Pictured: Me
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That's the mutant retard we found on one of our hikes last year. We put him through rigorous training over the winter and he's looking more aclimated now.

Pictured: Neil
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The little speck in the middle is me, with the waterfall just off the picture on the left side.

Pictured: Me
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Ahhh... there it is in all its beauty. Looks like a good spot to lunch.

Size: 444x640 (113kb)

The tough looking dude is Vlad, my minion. Looks are deceiving, because I know he just had a headache and wasn't feeling too well. I'm in the background checking out the area.

Pictured: Me, Neil and Vlad
Size: 640x448 (129kb)

Not a particulary good shot of me, I'll have to have my PR people work on this a little. It's the shades I think. In the meantime, concentrate on the waterfall.

Pictured: Me
Size: 441x640 (118kb)

Somewhat better. Uhm, Neil, what the hell are you doing?

Pictured: Neil and me
Size: 418x640 (114kb)

Not being very bright, the mutant wanted to check the temperature of the waterfall, so he stood under it. Yes, it's cold.

Pictured: Neil
Size: 427x640 (120kb)

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