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That's today's 'mountain'. It was hot and humid that day, 40oC, barely any wind. We've made it as far as 20km outside Calgary and decided no one's going to hike up any significant mountains today.

Size: 640x452 (111kb)

Me, me, me! Maybe we'll do a photo shoot instead of hiking, eh? There's a nice lake just to the left of us.

Pictured: Me
Size: 640x454 (92kb)

One of the better pictures of Neil that we have. Must have been the heat and Neil dropped his guard.

Pictured: Neil
Size: 509x640 (112kb)

Check this out! More me. Catching some shade this time.

Pictured: Me
Size: 524x640 (101kb)

Slow progress. We're just about at the top of the hill here. That's not Coke of course. We're not dumb. If after a hike water doesn't taste good, you need to go back for some more.

Pictured: Me and Jeff
Size: 640x477 (164kb)

Classic Jeff move. Captured for all future generations to admire and mimick.

Pictured: Jeff
Size: 640x472 (159kb)

Oh yeah! Now for the way back...

Size: 640x477 (174kb)

"Look at me, I'm a karate master!" says Colin as he does a flying kick. Luckily no little animals got in his way.

Pictured: Colin
Size: 451x640 (162kb)

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