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Neil started shooting pictures when we got to the top. Nothing interesting to see on the way up anyway. Last time we did this hike (2 seasons ago) there were a bunch of little kids up there as well, so it is definitely not a difficult hike. But hey, first one of the year.

Pictured: Vlad, me and Orest
Size: 640x545 (145kb)

So how did we get there?

Pictured: Me and Orest
Size: 640x599 (192kb)

Hey, it must be raining people or something. We're all a little freaked out standing on that outcropping.

Pictured: Orest, Vlad and me
Size: 365x640 (131kb)

Another angle... nice view of the Kananaskis Valley.

Pictured: Orest, Vlad and me
Size: 640x456 (78kb)

It was a little cloudy that day, some snow fell... but still pretty nice looking.

Size: 640x392 (44kb)

A shot of the Kananaskis Trail (Hwy 44) and Neil leading the way down.

Pictured: Neil
Size: 430x640 (78kb)

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