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Yup, that's where we're going... up the tree corridor on the right, then along the edge.

Size: 480x640 (116kb)

That's right! We're gonna kick some mountain ass.

Pictured: Csaba
Size: 481x640 (106kb)

A sense of what the non-forrested areas of the mountain look like. A bit of scree never hurt anyone, and we like scrambling.

Size: 640x437 (121kb)

We have another version of this scene at a weird angle so that it looks like we're about to fall off the outcropping, but we're tilted the wrong way and it's just silly instead.

Pictured: Csaba and me
Size: 581x640 (120kb)

Something died?

Pictured: A pile of rocks
Size: 486x640 (182kb)

Elbow Valley. That stream weaving its way at the bottom had to be crossed before we even started up an incline. Pretty high, eh? You can almost touch the clouds... so it seems.

Size: 640x410 (93kb)

We're having a bite to eat at the top.

Pictured: Me and Csaba
Size: 640x512 (111kb)

Hmm... that other mountain looks WAY more interesting... you wanna go guys? ... guys?!?

Pictured: Me
Size: 450x640 (121kb)

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