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The over 1 year absence of any hiking pics does not mean we haven't been hiking. We have, not a lot, and didn't take any pictures.

This is Vlad's pick, based on Vern-the-Kananaski-hiking-guru's advice. Definitely one of the best hikes, great 360o view, unique location.

Pictured: Tom and me
Size: 429x640 (115kb)

Getting to the final stretch now, marked trail ends pretty soon.

Pictured: Lloyd, Vlad and me
Size: 536x640 (140kb)

More scenery. Good picture Vlad!

Size: 521x640 (162kb)

Yes, we'll be up there any minute now. That's about an hour away, past this 'peak'.

Size: 521x640 (124kb)

The ridge is now 3 feet higher (unofficially). As usual, lunch at the top, and a well deserved break for the fearless Vlad. He led a pack of quivering blobs of cowardly jello (that's the rest of us) to the perilous but awe-inspiring summit!

Pictured: Vlad, me and Tom
Size: 640x362 (78kb)

I've received many requests for more shots of Vlad. So here you go.

Pictured: Vlad, me and Tom
Size: 640x359 (79kb)

Base camp. Resting and replenishing fluids.

Pictured: Lloyd, Tom, me and Vlad
Size: 640x340 (93kb)

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