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We are just beginning our trek up the real mountain. After about 1 1/2 hours of fighting with some weird trees/roots we were ready to take on the highest trail in Kananaskis. It's an 8 hour hike, but this is us we're talking about. Total time from parking lot and back: 5 hours. We even found a kitchen sink on our way (or slide) down and kept it as a souvenir. In the background is the parking lot.

Pictured: Colin, Csaba and Neil
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Getting pretty near the top now. Even though it is almost the end of summer, there is still lots of snow to play around in at this altitude. After a long and gruelling ascent we take a short break and prepare for the final 30 minute stretch.

Pictured: Colin and Neil
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Ahh... the rewards are beginning to appear now. This was shot from about the same place as the above photo. A look down the Kananaskis valley.

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So, this is it? Yup, at the top of the trail there is a ranger hut and a picknick table. A well deserved meal for all of us. But, we are not done yet!

Pictured: Csaba, Neil and Colin
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This is the ranger hut I was referring to earlier. Looked sort of nice and decent, but when we looked inside we found a huge mess. Beer cans, bottles, papers, garbage, furniture thrown all over the place. Well, you get the idea. The status of the place was of course duly reported to the visitor's centre. (Low quality because I had a crappy camera this time.)

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This is really the end. We can't get any higher. Well, we could with some basic climbing gear as the mountain rises steeply (80%) with nothing but rock to grab onto. Not our piece of cake. Snowman courtesy of a patch of the white stuff nearby.

Pictured: Colin, me and Neil
Size: 640x427 (95kb)

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