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Unfortunatelly, Vlad got to these pictures before I did and managed to mix up the sets and lose most of the pictures. I know there were more, and I'll look for them some more. This was a recommended hike, and according to Clinton we've been here before, except that no-one else can remember it.

Pictured: Clinton, Colin and me
Size: 640x428 (111kb)

Yeah, a little cold. And desolate.

Pictured: Me
Size: 640x453 (98kb)

It turns out that this lake is stocked (no way fish swim up to this one!) regularly. No idea what the fish feed on, no plant growth was seen, maybe there is something at the bottom?

Pictured: Me, Colin and Clinton
Size: 640x483 (127kb)

We decided it would be pointless to go any further, and so this was our destination point.

Size: 640x434 (136kb)

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